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'Twas a dark and stormy night, that day I was born. Actually, I really don't know what the weather was like. I was far more concerned at the time with figuring out why a bunch of strange people were all staring at and poking me. Honestly, doesn't anyone realize that's rude? ...Okay, so I don't actually remember what I was concerned with at the time. I'm sure I loved all the attention but was quite sleepy/hungry and grumpy.

Come to think of it, not much has changed.

Alas, though, you have distracted me from my original point which was, in short, to confirm my name: Shannon A Hiner. The best of German and Irish engineering with the willfull indignance of an American. I was born in California, which has been my home for most of my life (setting aside a brief and horribly cold stint in Vermont).

I started writing when I was 14, when my (now) ex-best friend (that is a terribly awkward phrase) and I created alternate personalities for ourselves. Whether fortunate or not, these personalities somehow developed back stories and thus we began to write their real stories. Before this time I actually despised writing. I would go to almost any length to get out of writing assignments at school and when stuck with them the wording was awkward and the detail nonexistent. Looking back on the time before my writing, I realize that my story making actually escaped in many other fashions.

Whilst happily playing with Barbies and their horses (truly, whoever thought up the Barbie horse is a GENIUS) I would create stories of adventure, betrayal and unrequited love. Yes, I was a very mature 8 year old. My Barbies (as well as Ken, Teresa and Skipper) led very full lives. So did their horses, come to think of it.

Anywho, once I started writing some unstoppable force was unleashed within me. At first my writing was stilted and colorless, but with time comes genius (at least I hope so, because otherwise you are simply viewing this page to laugh at me). My first story was 9 pages long. My second and third were 16. My fourth was 175. My fifth was 210. Yeah, my parents were pretty sure they had a monster on their hands by that point.

It was about 1 year after I initially started writing that my interests shifted to vampires and the like. At first, though I had been writing fantasy, my characters were simply elemental 'beings' of power. It was a writing site online where I read my first vampire story. I had believed all vampire stories to be like Dracula, and I was simply uninterested. Against the odds, I gave this story a try. I cannot honestly remember the jist of the story, suffice to say it was bad. Poorly written, unfocused...but there was something there. At the time I could not put my finger on what attracted me so much. Now I know it was one very base fact. What do we all know about vampires these days? What are they above all else?

We don't think "killer" when we think vampire. We don't think "conscience-less murderer"... No, we think:

Yep. That sums it all up. As a 15 year old girl, what is better than a dark, mysterious, cool, immortal, sexy vampire? Nothing. And that was it, I was hooked. From then on I avidly read all the vampire stories I could. I was gaining knowledge, insight and certain preferences. For example, I learned quickly how much I hated cliche story lines. How many times is a human, teenage girl going to be lured into trusting a sexy vampire and then get kidnapped? And why is she always a vampire by the end of the book? And one other thing: Why don't female vampires ever kidnap male humans? And why are all werewolves evil?

There are no excuses for cliche writing. Unless you can take the cliche, and deviate it. Contradiction? I think not! And thus, Submerged In Darkness, was written for the first time. And it was posted to the writing website. And I did not get a lot of reads. It wasn't until the third book in the Immortal World series that my momentum was really picking up on the website. I was a little offended, until I realized that, though I had fewer fans, mine seemed to be of a greater quality. There were others in the world just as sick of the cliche! HURRAH!

Unfortunately, the website I was a part of declined so far in quality and usability that I had to excuse myself from the site. Instead, I found myself on When I signed up I had just finished writing the fourth book in the Immortal World series.

I graduated with honors and my AA in Language Arts in May 2011 from Butte College, in Oroville, CA. I work in a place akin to hell nearby, full time. When not working I write, I sleep, and not much else. Once in a while I take inspiration trips and end up spending all of my very little money.

October 8th, 2009 my first book, Submerged In Darkness was self-published and went "Live" (available for sale).

August 2011, my second book, Only The Stars Know, was pulished as an ebook. And in September 2011 I self-published it as a paperback.

The hope is, my life will now change entirely and for the better. Won't you help me? (That's code for "buy a book!!!")

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