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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet Innocence (Pt I)

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This is a project that has been calling me lately. I can feel it, bugging at me. I'm not sure if I'm ready to finish it though.

Anywho, please let me know what you think. If you like it I have a "Part II" to post. If you hate it...well I don't think you will, so let's not go there.

Sweet Innocence
By Shannon A Hiner

He stalked his prey with deliberate steps. Adrian was sure this would be like every time before; find the enemy, kill the enemy, go home until another enemy came along. His breath showed in cold wisps of air. The days were getting warmer, but night could still freeze bones. His boots didn't make any noise as he walked. Nothing he did made noise, this is how it had always been. Adrian was a Hunter, his prey did not escape.

The forest seemed to sparkle in the moonlight. There had been a rainstorm during the day. Now the remaining drops of water caught light and reflected it everywhere. The sky far above was the deepest blue with stars glittering happily. He barely noticed any of this though, his attention was caught by the being that slipped through the shadows before him. He followed steadily, not attempting to gain ground yet. The Hunt was too enjoyable to end it quickly. Adrian smirked without any real joy. Is this what he had come to? The Hunt used to weigh heavily on his conscience, but after so many years he found delight in it. His senses were awakened by it. He felt alive when he was on the Hunt.

His prey sped up suddenly. He frowned, it must have discovered it was being followed. Inwardly, Adrian shrugged. It was no matter. The prey never got away. He quickened his own pace, making sure his foot falls remained silent. For minutes that seemed to prolong to hours he followed at the same rate. His prey was starting to tire though, and Adrian was gaining ground finally. Only ten paces ahead the prey suddenly stumbled, falling to a painful cracking sound. Adrian slowed to a near stop. In front of him the trees came to an abrupt halt and gave view to an icy expanse. Noting the chunk missing, and the water flowing under it, he knew it was a river. It looked to be a very dangerous river. Adrian had no fear of the frigid water, or of the lack of oxygen underneath. His only concern was the prey.

Muttering a curse, he stayed by the side of the river. The prey never got away. By now the prey was as good as dead, but you never know. Adrian was cautious when it came to the prey, they could not get away alive. If they did...he shuddered. He didn't really feel like chancing it, might as well find the body to be sure. Grumbling, he took off his long jacket and then his boots, tossing them a little ways from the riverbank. Without a second thought, he jumped through the hole already created in the ice.

Under the ice, the water was much colder than he had expected. His black hair soaked through and trailed behind him. He ignored the chill that attempted to seep through him, warmth could be found as soon as he had his prey. If only he could find the fool. He searched with his eyes, finding it hard to see through the murky water. He could feel the river pulling him downstream under the ice. He mentally swore and went with the pull. Soon enough, he saw the body of his prey floating along. The being had lost consciousness already. Adrian rolled his eyes, he could feel the being's heartbeat. It could still live. He must kill it.

He wrapped an arm around the being and then slammed his fist into the ice above. Anyone but a Hunter would not have done any damage, but his fist went through and he made the hole larger. Once it was big enough he pushed the prey through and tossed him to the riverbank. The river was trying to carry Adrian away from his hole in the ice. He swore once again in his head and reached for the hole. His hands clutched the sides as he shoved himself through. Once he was on the ice, he walked to the riverbank and examined his surroundings. He was about half a mile down from where they had entered the river. Grunting derisively, he turned to examine his prey.

Being thrown out of the water had awoken the being. Adrian noted with disgust that it was human. Like the others. Why was everyone on this god-forsaken planet, human? The scrawny human had dragged itself to its feet. It was shivering. Adrian could tell it was getting on in years, it was just about to enter 'old age'. It's long pepper gray hair was drawn back into what had been a neat tail. Adrian was nearly sure it was male, many times he had difficulties telling the difference in humans.

Remembering his duty, Adrian approached the being steadily. The human took note of this immediately and looked up. Instead of fear, it's eyes held a knowing that was beyond the mere years of mortals. It shook its head and held out a hand to ward off Adrian. He was caught off guard by the mortal's eyes, one was deep blue and the other was bright green. He had, of course, heard of such a combination...but it was highly rare among pure mortals.

"Of course, Sonny," the human spoke to him with a wry smile, "But I am not pure mortal."

Adrian's eyes narrowed, but he chose not to speak. The prey must be dealt with, no matter what being he was.

"No, Sonny, I'm afraid not. I would normally kill your kind on sight, but it seems I have a debt to you now. Though your reasons are dark, you just saved my life."

"Only so I could kill you." Adrian's voice was low and came out as more of a dangerous purr.

The prey shrugged, "As I said, dark reasoning...You still did it. Therefore," the human smiled, it was most alarming, "I shall have to return the favor."

Adrian's eyes narrowed harshly, "It is not my life that is in danger-mortal."

"You still have light in you, Sonny. You may think you are all darkness, but your remaining light shines forth clean and pure. It will be swallowed soon, I can save that."

"I am in no need of light." Adrian stepped forward to end the Hunt, he no longer was receiving joy from this. He was nearly upon the human when a brilliant light blinded him.

He heard the human's voice, "Remember Adrianus, this is for your own good." In the next second there was a whisper in his mind that would be forgotten in the struggle,
Go north.

Adrian couldn't see anything and suddenly a dizzying power sent him hurtling backwards through the air. He hit a tree trunk and suddenly pain filled his entire body. His organs were boiling and his bones were breaking. Everything went black.

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  1. Great plot Shannon! Can't wait to read more of this as I brag about you to neighbors of your fabulous writing. You go girl :)