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Shadows On The Wall Chapter 2

Below is a preview of my new book, Shadows On The Wall, which will be released on 5/27/14!

Shadows On The Wall (The Immortal World, #2)

Chapter 2

Wearing someone else’s skin was not nearly as uncomfortable as it used to be. The stray thought gave her pause, as she actually could not remember a time she had worn her own skin.

It was a worry that she couldn’t truly understand. She didn’t remember what her own skin looked like. It had been too long since she had felt the weight of her own bones, seen through her own eyes. Why it should bother her so, she couldn’t say. Her master had never requested that she look like herself, he always had someone else for her to be.

A seagull screamed directly overhead, bringing her wandering mind back to the humans’ port she currently strolled through. It was different kind of nightmare she experienced now. This was her only semblance of freedom, and it was marred by the job she must perform.

The ocean was calm, the waves gently lapped at the docks in a loving embrace that belied the vengeance they had wreaked the night before. Sailors were working hard to repair the damage from the storm before the ships could sail again.

Cameo slowed to a stop before one of the ships and stared at its magnificent hull. The Quick Redemption had docked in the early hours of the morning, as soon as the storm had ended. It wasn’t safe to have a ship so large remain docked during such a storm. From what Cameo had heard in the bar the night before, the sailors had been very upset to reboard. After six months away from their homeport the men had been looking forward to a few days with their families.

The news hadn’t just upset the sailors though, Cameo’s master had also been annoyed to have his plans thwarted. She rubbed a hand over her neck, hoping the marks no longer showed. Normally makeup would be enough to cover them up until they faded, but her master had been very put out. 

He was not quite as careful when he was angry.

The Quick Redemption had returned swiftly though, and now she would be able to do her job, and then enjoy her relative freedom for a night or two.

The Saltwater Tap Room was packed with all of the single sailors who weren’t ready to retire to their hotel rooms and bachelor pads. They drank and told their stories and danced with girls who hoped to meet their Knight In Shining Armor.

Not bloody likely, Cameo thought as she stared at the brazen sailors from a booth in the back corner. These sailors only wanted to meet a damsel they could distress for the night. She felt the familiar urge to sigh as she stared at the happy humans, enjoying a life of blissful ignorance.
She was so lonely for her own kind it sometimes shocked her. She had never met another shifter, her master had assured her they had died out. That was why he had rescued her and kept her safe, she was the last of her kind.

The last shape shifter. A genetic dead end, at that. Without another shifter there was no way to pass on the gene. She would always be this alone.

Her master would never understand that burden, his kind were many and he could be with them whenever he wanted. He reminded her often though, that his kind were a danger to her. Vampires couldn’t resist the lure of shifter blood. He kept her safe, but for a price.

Reminded of the task at hand once again, Cameo turned her attention back to the crowd and spotting the one she had come for. A name, a picture, and a location was all she was given, but she was good at her job. She would find him.

A young man stopped in front of her booth and looked down at her with an easy smile. “Well, what’s a pretty thing like you doing sitting all alone? Waiting for someone?”

Or he would find her…

She smiled slowly, “I was waiting for you.”

Don't forget! Shadows On The Wall comes out next Tuesday, May 27th! It will be available in eBook and Paperback!

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