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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The ESBS (aka: essbus)

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In just over a week I will be celebrating a wonderful anniversary.

On November the 9th, 1989, a very wonderful thing happened to me. At the time I wasn't too pleased, but I have since grown to appreciate the event. On that very special evening I was separated (physically) from my mother, and became a part of this world.

For those of you not already following, that was my day of birth.

Now, I love receiving presents on my birthday. Actually, I just love receiving presents. And while I recognize that presents are a symbol that my friends and family love, appreciate me and are essentially glad that I was born, I also realize that I am not necessarily easy to love.

I am pretty much obnoxious. In an already loud family, I'm probably the loudest. I'm really really bossy, and prone to pouting when I don't get my way. I don't feel a need to change these things, they are what make me-me.

On the other hand, I do understand that I am not easy to live with. Therefore, it has been my decision that birthdays should also be a day to convince people why they really should celebrate my birth.

Thus! The ESBS was created! That is, the-

Extra Special Birthday Surprise!

Naturally, I cannot tell you what it is, but if you check this blog on my birthday, you'll see it.

I do have a plan though, a very awesome one. I even checked with my editor and she gave it a go. Stick around to see!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Signings & Promotional Gear

Well if you're local you can now see me (or my books rather) on display in downtown Oroville, at Discount Books. A gorgeous 13x18in poster boasts of the new book as well as reminding you of the first book.

I have ordered business cards! The cards will feature the cover of Only The Stars Know and all the information on my websites. They should arrive in a couple weeks, at which point I will paper the town! If you want a couple just let me know. Any and all help spreading the word will be hugely appreciated.

Last and best: When I dropped off the books at the stor the nice owner asked what I thought about doing a book signing. You may imagine my reaction. I'm actually pretty impressed with myself that I didn't gleefully scream in his poor ear. I was able to control myself and say (quite happily) "That would be terrific!"

Sooo, I am now in charge of getting the word out. I'm contacting the local book reviewer, Dan Barnett, in the hopes that he will once again review for me. My marketing manager is also contacting all of the local newspapers with the story of me. If all goes well, we would like to set something up for the last weekend in November, which is historically a very very busy shopping time for America.

Even if you already have a signed copy, I hope you will come down and show your support. I'll look into doing a reading, and I'll even give hints as to the next book!

My Central Valley Representative has contacted me about possibilities at the Barnes & Noble in my old hometown, Modesto. Apparently there is a nice lady there who has a soft spot for local authors. Seeing as I spent 10 years of my life there, and started writing when I lived there, I consider myself to be a local author of their's as well.

As you see, we are busy busy busy here at Shanco! Updates will be coming with progress, and progress is being made!

If you have read the book already, I would love to hear what you thought of it! Please comment or email me:

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Note & The Last Bit of Sweet Innocence

Well the first batch of books is disappearing faster than I can replace it. More people put bids in on the books than I ordered if you haven't tossed some money my way then you'll probably have to wait for the second batch. Sorry loves, but it's first-come-first-served.

I'm heading over to Discount Books, on Meyers in Oroville, tomorrow to drop off some books. Hopefully the nice owner will also let me put up a poster. He really is very nice though, so I can't imagine why not. I'm taking some of Submerged In Darkness as well as Only The Stars Know.

Payday is tomorrow! I'll order some new books ASAP and hopefully they will get here a bunch faster this time.

If you pick up a book from an online retailer or the bookstore and you want it signed, no problem! Just email me:
And we'll figure something out!

Because I love my readers SO much, I'm posting the final tiny bit of Sweet Innocence.

(If you haven't been following::
Sweet Innocence Pt I
Sweet Innocence Pt II )

Sweet Innocence (the end of PT I)

When his eyes opened again, Adrian's sight was different. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. His prey was kneeling next to him. The human's eyes were filled with merry pleasure as he patted Adrian's shoulder.

"Not to worry young one, this state of being is not permanent. If you find your light again, you will find yourself again. You need this chance. I thank you for helping me, I do not care what caused you to do so. Your keepers cannot find you as long as you are in this form." The human stood, "I must be going now. Best of luck!" He tipped his hat and began to walk off into the forest.

Adrian tried to speak but couldn't find the words or ability. He felt strange, and completely different. Hastily, he stood. He pushed himself up on his forelegs and walked a few steps before he realized what was wrong.


He frowned and turned his head to look down at himself.

Hooves?! What is going on?!

His tail switched in annoyance and he shook out his mane.

Tail?! Mane?! What am I?!

Adrian trotted over to the river and broke a hole in the ice with his front hooves. He almost collapsed as he saw his reflection. He was a horse. And then something sparkly caught his attention. Examining his reflection closer, he amended his first theory. He was not a horse. He had the body of a horse, but the legs of a stag, a lion's tail, and a very flashy horn coming straight out of his forehead. He was a unicorn.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Innocence Pt II

Image Curtesy of Google Images
I realized tonight that I never remembered to post the second part of Sweet Innocence after that interesting beginning back in May. Whoops. Someone should have smacked me for that. Well I have it for you now, and just to refresh your memory you might want to go check out PT I again.

Click Here to view Sweet Innocence Pt I

And so, on with the scrap...

A prison. That’s what this place was. It was obvious in its task. There were no luxurious surroundings to fool oneself into believing otherwise. A plain cot was in the corner with a hard mattress and scratchy sheets. No blankets or quilts even now, in the middle of winter. A small privy was stuck in a corner, no privacy. The walls and floor were stone and cold even in mid summer. There was one window. The dark one had not bothered to put bars over it, it was too high to jump and live. The prisoner had briefly entertained the idea of growing her hair long enough to make a rope, but she figured that, alike with many of Madda’s stories, it was unrealistic in real life.

Real life. The poor girl prisoner had no idea what real life was. She had been in this tower for as long as she could remember…which actually wasn’t very far back. Her memory only went back a few days. She had to hear something or see someone many times before they would stick in her memory. But the tower was familiar, so it must have been a very long time.

She remembered the stories that Madda told her about other girls in towers. She remembered the dark one. His was the only face she could picture perfectly when he wasn’t right in front of her. Others drifted in and out of focus, without names or memories, but he was always clear. An ever present whisper.

From her window the forest was visible. There was only a small clearing around the tower. There were no other buildings, no people. Madda lived below this room. There was a secret place in the floor from which she came twice every day. The girl could not remember where it was. Madda always made her turn away when she came. The girl had been bad a few times and peeked, but she could never remember the next day. She could not even remember her own name. No one had spoken it in a time she could remember. She wasn’t even sure she had a name. Madda just called her Rose. The girl didn’t know what it meant, but she liked it well enough.

Just then, there was the sound of steps below. There was a heavy knocking somewhere under the floor boards. The girl couldn’t place where exactly it came from, which briefly frustrated her until her brain moved onto the voice.

“Rose!” The way Madda talked was different from what the girl new. There was a different sound to it. There was a word for it, but she could not remember. When she said ‘Rose’ it sound more like ‘Rosa’. The girl liked the way Madda talked, it was a pretty sound.

“Face the window Rose.”

The girl did as she was bade and was distracted by the beauty of the forest during the sunset. She couldn’t see where the sun went down from here, but the sky this was ablaze with dark blues, purples and reds. She smiled at the beauty there and let her attention shift to a large bird soaring above the forest. She imagined what it would be like to soar like that, no cares, no worries, no-

“Rose! Look at me!”

She frowned and turned around. Her attention slowly shifting to Madda. When had Madda entered? And why was her tone so much sharper than usual. Such a change was vaguely familiar in her mind, like it had happened before…but she couldn’t quite place it.

Madda slapped her, “Pay attention girl!”

Her cheek stung badly and she touched it lightly, wondering why it hurt so much.

Madda grabbed her chin, forcing her eyes down to look at the shorter woman, “Rosa, listen to me, he is coming tonight.”

Immediately the dark one’s face appeared clear in her mind’s eye. She shrank back from Madda with a whimper. Her eyes filled with tears.

Madda nodded sympathetically, “I know girl, you have been looking well lately. That is not good for you. We must make you look poorly, he will not hurt you as much then.” Madda pulled her forward, giving a hug.

The girl could almost always remember Madda’s face hazily. She was a short woman with rich brown skin, eyes, and black hair. Her clothes were always rich colors; reds, purples, greens and yellows. She was always kind except when she was afraid. She seemed afraid now, but not for herself…for the girl instead.

“Do you know what a birthday is Rosa?”

The girl frowned and tried to think of such a thing. She could not remember.

“Never mind, I can see you don’t. It happens only once a year.”

The girl didn’t know what a year was either. She didn’t not bother to say so.

“Today is your eighteenth birthday Rosa, you are a woman today.”

The girl didn’t know what any of this meant either, but it seemed important. She frowned and looked toward the window. Her attention was almost caught and swayed by the shining of a star, she wrenched it back to Madda.

Madda was pursing her lips, “I can tell you don’t understand, but it is very important that you do not look well today Rosa. You are a pretty girl, we cannot let him see just how pretty. Will you let me help you?”

Of the two people the girl could remember, Madda had always been the more trustworthy. She couldn’t put into words her feelings toward the woman, but they must have bordered along love. Without understanding what she was agreeing to, she nodded.

An interminable time later, the girl had already forgotten many times why Madda was paying so much attention to her. Madda had patiently explained it many times and it was starting to stick in her brain. Something about a birthday was bad, the dark one was coming, and she must not look well.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My First Review For Goodreads!

New Moon Extra - Miscalculation (Twilight, # 2.2)New Moon Extra - Miscalculation by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last sentence makes it. Rose spends the entire scene making excuses for her selfishness, being mesmerized by her own looks and generally disregarding both Bella and Edward's feelings.

But that last sentence, when she calls for Emmett suddenly, that is where a crack finally surfaes in the Rosalie we all love to hate. Suddenly she is realizing just how much she screwed up, and if she's wrong about one thing; what else is she wrong about?

And the fact that she calls for Emmett, the big lovable brother that everyone is fond of, makes her even more likable. Here is this big teddy bear that she is in love with and who (somehow) loves her in return.

This piece is humanizing for Rosalie. It doesn't bring much in the way of surprise, but it adds depth.

In a side note, I think that Meyer's style is instantly recognizable to fans and that she would have lost that bet.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Code Name: Emerald Eyes (SCRAP!)

In the depths of Sam's memory lies the project we call, (dun dun dunn) Emerald Eyes.

In my newly posted About The Author page, you will read about the time before Submerged In Darkness. In that time I wasn't writing about vampires, I was writing about elemental beings. Well what my autobio doesn't mention is that there was actually another time set between both of these stages.

Project Code Name: Jewel Trilogy
Part 2: Emerald Eyes

This was an odd time for me, somewhere between the time of elements and bloodsuckers...I had a little bit of everything in store. It was during this time that I entered The Immortal World. Just a couple toes in the water at first, it wasn't until I met Damon Reine that I was submerged.

It was at this time that Emerald Eyes was born. A wonderful commentary on my then current state of mind. While I will not be sharing Emerald Eyes with you, I would like to share a the introduction that I wrote.

The end has something that those of you who read Submerged In Darkness will recognize from one of Damon's lines.

Do you remember that part where Alexandra asks Damon,

"What exactly are you?"
He leaned forward as his eyes glittered eerily, "An immortal being of night." He paused, clearly for effect, then straightened, "At least, that's how one of my favorite authors describes my kind."

It was from Emerald Eyes that Damon drew his quote. Don't ask me why I let him read it, I never say 'no' to Damon.

Well, enough of fun facts, onto the now scrapped introduction!
Ahh, humans...An interesting topic always. Such complex creatures with such simple minds. The only way to truly understand odd creatures like them is to study their history. By far the history of Earth was one of the more fascinating things in the Universe. Humans constantly fought amongst each other for no reason. They had plenty of resources where they were, yet always, they wanted more. They know stealing, lying, and killing is wrong (no matter their religion) but they do it anyway!
Humans are weak, simple-minded creatures that have no chance of ever becoming a truly superior race. Don’t tell them that though. Humans have never had any idea that there’s someone smarter than them. They, quite simply, can’t imagine it. Well, rather, handle it. Many of them have imagined other beings...most of which have been unpleasant, but all humans would rather these beings not be real. They would do anything to keep their superior status-even if that means denying the obvious. The evidence is there.
The other beings make mistakes, show up at the wrong time, kill the wrong person...
So who are these ‘other’ beings? We are what make up your nightmares. We are what you fear, walking down that dark alley. We are the ones who can send shivers down youR spine just by passing you on the street. We take many forms. Some of us rule elements, others grace the skies. Some of us have stolen away from the underworld, while others furnish sharp teeth.
We hide from the human race for one reason, and one reason alone. True, we are ten times as strong, twice as smart, and thrice their agility...but we have a distinct disadvantage. Numbers. The humans are stupid, but there are billions more of them than us. If they realized their own inferiority they would stamp us out...leaving no trace. Without us, the human race would finally own the world, and all the creatures in it.
Until we are more than them, we are content to use their strays to multiply. Content to puppet them around the truth until we take our own. So, who are we?
We are the demons.
We are the shapeshifters.
We are the vampires.
We are the faeries.
We, are the immortal beings of night.

Fun! Huh? I love this scrap... It was also from here that I draw all inspiration for describing The Immortal World to people.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scrapped Piece of Tears You Apart

I stumbled across this the other day whilst reading deleted scenes (yes, I have deleted scenes saved from ALL my books). It's a wee little piece from Tears You Apart, in the beginning before Aubri and Hadrian meet.

At the time, I was writing the book with an entirely different meeting in mind for them. Well, almost entirely. She was always upset and driving (and of course in a fatal accident), but the particulars were much different at first.

You see, normally when I write I'm simply copying down the story as the characters tell it to me. Well, we had had the initial meeting to establish that I knew the jist and would work well with them, but then the two had left me to my own devices for a few days. I was desperate to get some of their story down, so I didn't wait for them to come back and whisper the story in my ears.

It was a stupid thing to do, I admit that. My own attempt, without the particulars was stilted and a bit odd. I am still a pretty good writer though, and there are some interesting scraps left over as a result. It's just, that's not how the story really happened.

Tears You Apart was actually my first attempt at writing a full length book from the point of view of two main characters. When I was finished I felt so good about the attempt that when I revised Only The Stars Know I stuck with that feature. Blood's Faith, the original form of Only The Stars Know had switched back and forth between Zane and Ally, but everything had been done in first person and was confusing. It works much better now.

Anywho, now that I've rambled on so long you've forgotten what this post was about in the first place...I shall share with you, a dream!

The swirl of faces. Blackness, yet so much color. Disorientation and the feeling that nothing is real, but everything is. Who am I? Whomever I want to be. Who are you? Whomever I want you to be. What are we doing? Whatever I want us to be doing. Laughter, fun, excitement. The swirl begins again. And suddenly, a nightmare enters. Everything has gone wrong. People are dying, wolves are chasing, the light switch doesn’t work. The inner conscious takes over, emoting deepest fears and screaming deeper truths.

This is a dream. My dream. I am dreaming.

Figures that I have never met, known, or dared imagine, dance in my head. Faces, voices, memories I don’t yet own. The future is uncertain. I close my eyes against the bright glare. I feel a hand touch mine. I shiver, knowing that this too, is not real. My eyes open, already knowing who I will see. I have never met him. I have never seen him, but for here, in my dreams.

Golden hair, that of an angel surely. Piercing green-gold eyes. An angular face. That of a young man, but his eyes show years, centuries, of learning. Inexplicably, there is a certain darkness to this light man. A feeling of despair. Strange, these things I dream.

He smiles wearily. I swallow, feeling sad beyond explanation. He shakes his head, motioning with his hand for me to be silent. He does not speak, there is no sound in my dream. Only the silence. He mouths words to me. I can’t understand what he’s saying. He is smiling and then disappearing.

I close my eyes.

That's it!

See, I had to cut it because it's odd...but I couldn't get rid of it because it is also pretty cool.