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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The ESBS (aka: essbus)

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In just over a week I will be celebrating a wonderful anniversary.

On November the 9th, 1989, a very wonderful thing happened to me. At the time I wasn't too pleased, but I have since grown to appreciate the event. On that very special evening I was separated (physically) from my mother, and became a part of this world.

For those of you not already following, that was my day of birth.

Now, I love receiving presents on my birthday. Actually, I just love receiving presents. And while I recognize that presents are a symbol that my friends and family love, appreciate me and are essentially glad that I was born, I also realize that I am not necessarily easy to love.

I am pretty much obnoxious. In an already loud family, I'm probably the loudest. I'm really really bossy, and prone to pouting when I don't get my way. I don't feel a need to change these things, they are what make me-me.

On the other hand, I do understand that I am not easy to live with. Therefore, it has been my decision that birthdays should also be a day to convince people why they really should celebrate my birth.

Thus! The ESBS was created! That is, the-

Extra Special Birthday Surprise!

Naturally, I cannot tell you what it is, but if you check this blog on my birthday, you'll see it.

I do have a plan though, a very awesome one. I even checked with my editor and she gave it a go. Stick around to see!

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