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Monday, July 15, 2013

Muses Are TO(O?) Good For Something

Is it 'are too' or 'are to' ? I honestly don't know...what an odd conundrum.

6,000 words written over my long weekend! What an accomplishment! And I'm still going pretty strong at that.

I've gotten four chapters knocked out, and almost ready to light the cannon that blows the whole story out of the water!

(That means someone's going to die)

Hopefully, this productivity on my part will continue as I go back to work tomorrow. It's difficult to get into the zone for writing when I know I have to work the night away. I much prefer to write the night away.

Wish me luck, and keep checking Facebook and Twitter for updates as to my progress! I love to post snips from the story as I go!

Friday, July 12, 2013

An Appeal To Calliope

It would seem that I have some unexpected time on my hands. A mini vacation of sorts, that will cost me more money than I can really afford, but will provide a much needed rest.

And what should I do with this time? Watch movies? Complete all the sudoku puzzles I can? Dance around the living room with Pangur Ban? Browse Facebook every five minutes?

I am a mastermind at murdering time. But what I really want to do is have a break through on Shadows On The Wall. The wall that Cameo has put up to block me is incredible. I'm going to need a truckload of C4 and a nuclear bomb to clear it.

I'm stuck right at the point just before the climax of the story. I've worked on Selkie Dance a bit lately, but my heart's not really in it. I need to finish SOTW. Help!

I hereby formally appeal to the muse Calliope. I need my inspiration back, and I need it soon. I must take advantage of this unexpected time!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fate As I Know It

Lake Oroville Dam: April 2012 (c) Shanco.corporations
I believe in fate. I believe that certain things are just meant to happen. I believe that we can't see where we are heading, and we're not supposed to, but that doesn't mean we aren't heading somewhere. As in, specific.

I believe in free will. I think fate believes in free will...the thing is, our personalities are such, that we will pick the same road, or make the same type of choices, every time.

Fate knows us. Fate is a living, breathing entity that learns and evolves with us.

Fate is the will of the great I Am, combined with the spirit of us.

Sometimes, things happen, and they seem horrific. Hell, they are horrific. But time, and distance, shows us that we wouldn't change those instances. Every thing that happens, leads us somewhere new. Sometimes the biggest 'mistakes' or most awful occurrences, lead us to best parts of our life.

"Everything happens for a reason" has become merely a trite saying that other people tell us when they have no explanation for the terrible.

But it's true! Gosh darn it! It is absolutely, irrevocably (I hate that word) true!

We may not be able to see the reason, see what road we're on or where it ends, but you may trust that everything that happens to you, happens for a very specific reason.

Fate exists. You can shape it, but you can't necessarily change it. All you can do is react, piece yourself back together, and get back on the road.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Listening to Bublé, Wainwright and Deejay: Need I Say More?

Yeah, I got out of the habit of posting. Yeah, yeah, WAY out of the habit. Point taken, sorry.

No really, sorry :'(

And with that behind us, wow today was just awful. As if I needed a reminder of how different I am, and how unappreciated a good sense of humor is these days. Oy. I mean, really, OY.

If there was a bus to Hermitsville going by my apartment right now, I would grab Pangur Ban and Sam and jump on without a seconds thought. It was that bad of a day.

So all day I've been reading Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series to try and distract myself. I've read all three books in the last day and a half (yes, now you really understand how depressing my life is right now). I like them a lot. I'm kind of sick of Katy's elitist book syndrome, which must be a direct manifestation of Armentrout (wow that's a long last name). But Daemon Black is pretty terrific. I hate the way his first name is spelled though. And she needs to get past 'daemon/daimon' in general. And the name alliteration is driving me NUTS. (I have to stop beginning sentences with 'and') I can't tell you how many times I've gotten Daemon and Dawson, or Adam and Andrew and Ash all mixed up because I'm reading über fast. But a good story nonetheless. I really liked the cliffy at the end of Opal (book 3). That was fun.

Yeah, so, meow.

Meow is my new answer to everything. Except today. Today is more of a YOWL day. I hate it when Pangur Ban yowls, but I get it, it's necessary sometimes.

I feel like crying. A lot.

But hey, The Host movie came in the mail yesterday. I could watch that, get my Ian and Jared fill.

I just don't understand how people can stand sucking so much. Seriously, that's got to drag a person down.