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Friday, July 12, 2013

An Appeal To Calliope

It would seem that I have some unexpected time on my hands. A mini vacation of sorts, that will cost me more money than I can really afford, but will provide a much needed rest.

And what should I do with this time? Watch movies? Complete all the sudoku puzzles I can? Dance around the living room with Pangur Ban? Browse Facebook every five minutes?

I am a mastermind at murdering time. But what I really want to do is have a break through on Shadows On The Wall. The wall that Cameo has put up to block me is incredible. I'm going to need a truckload of C4 and a nuclear bomb to clear it.

I'm stuck right at the point just before the climax of the story. I've worked on Selkie Dance a bit lately, but my heart's not really in it. I need to finish SOTW. Help!

I hereby formally appeal to the muse Calliope. I need my inspiration back, and I need it soon. I must take advantage of this unexpected time!

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