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Friday, January 24, 2014

Coming Soon: Save the Dates!

Sooo, this is a post about a future post! One that I expect you all to keep your eyes wide open for!

Today I finished designing the cover, spine, and back for Shadows On The Wall. First of all, It's amazing. I think everyone is going to love it as much as I do. It may, in fact, be my favorite cover thus far from the series.

Finishing that up though got me thinking about doing a special Cover Reveal. It's a great way to get readers excited and spread the word, and it appeals to my "Surprise!!!" sensibilities.

I'm trying to time everything together to give the actual publication of Shadows On The Wall a proper countdown. Setting dates is quite difficult though, as I have not received the final edits back from Editor Pat. The hope I harbor at this point is to publish the book sometime in late spring (May?). As soon as editing is finished I will set a hard date, and be able to work backwards from there are other dates.

These are the joyous happenings I am planning:

1. Send ARC's to Booktubers, bloggers etc...

2. Cover Reveal

3. Giveaway 3 copies on Goodreads

4. Publish eBook

5. Publish Paperback (and maybe a hardcover too!)

Hopefully I will be able to send the ARC's out by the end of March!

In the meantime, please help me spread the word and get the excitement up there! And if you haven't read Only The Stars Know yet, do it! The eBook is only $0.99 and it's available on ALL eReaders, platforms etc! There is no good excuse!

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