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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Listening to Bublé, Wainwright and Deejay: Need I Say More?

Yeah, I got out of the habit of posting. Yeah, yeah, WAY out of the habit. Point taken, sorry.

No really, sorry :'(

And with that behind us, wow today was just awful. As if I needed a reminder of how different I am, and how unappreciated a good sense of humor is these days. Oy. I mean, really, OY.

If there was a bus to Hermitsville going by my apartment right now, I would grab Pangur Ban and Sam and jump on without a seconds thought. It was that bad of a day.

So all day I've been reading Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series to try and distract myself. I've read all three books in the last day and a half (yes, now you really understand how depressing my life is right now). I like them a lot. I'm kind of sick of Katy's elitist book syndrome, which must be a direct manifestation of Armentrout (wow that's a long last name). But Daemon Black is pretty terrific. I hate the way his first name is spelled though. And she needs to get past 'daemon/daimon' in general. And the name alliteration is driving me NUTS. (I have to stop beginning sentences with 'and') I can't tell you how many times I've gotten Daemon and Dawson, or Adam and Andrew and Ash all mixed up because I'm reading über fast. But a good story nonetheless. I really liked the cliffy at the end of Opal (book 3). That was fun.

Yeah, so, meow.

Meow is my new answer to everything. Except today. Today is more of a YOWL day. I hate it when Pangur Ban yowls, but I get it, it's necessary sometimes.

I feel like crying. A lot.

But hey, The Host movie came in the mail yesterday. I could watch that, get my Ian and Jared fill.

I just don't understand how people can stand sucking so much. Seriously, that's got to drag a person down.

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