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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Note & The Last Bit of Sweet Innocence

Well the first batch of books is disappearing faster than I can replace it. More people put bids in on the books than I ordered if you haven't tossed some money my way then you'll probably have to wait for the second batch. Sorry loves, but it's first-come-first-served.

I'm heading over to Discount Books, on Meyers in Oroville, tomorrow to drop off some books. Hopefully the nice owner will also let me put up a poster. He really is very nice though, so I can't imagine why not. I'm taking some of Submerged In Darkness as well as Only The Stars Know.

Payday is tomorrow! I'll order some new books ASAP and hopefully they will get here a bunch faster this time.

If you pick up a book from an online retailer or the bookstore and you want it signed, no problem! Just email me:
And we'll figure something out!

Because I love my readers SO much, I'm posting the final tiny bit of Sweet Innocence.

(If you haven't been following::
Sweet Innocence Pt I
Sweet Innocence Pt II )

Sweet Innocence (the end of PT I)

When his eyes opened again, Adrian's sight was different. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. His prey was kneeling next to him. The human's eyes were filled with merry pleasure as he patted Adrian's shoulder.

"Not to worry young one, this state of being is not permanent. If you find your light again, you will find yourself again. You need this chance. I thank you for helping me, I do not care what caused you to do so. Your keepers cannot find you as long as you are in this form." The human stood, "I must be going now. Best of luck!" He tipped his hat and began to walk off into the forest.

Adrian tried to speak but couldn't find the words or ability. He felt strange, and completely different. Hastily, he stood. He pushed himself up on his forelegs and walked a few steps before he realized what was wrong.


He frowned and turned his head to look down at himself.

Hooves?! What is going on?!

His tail switched in annoyance and he shook out his mane.

Tail?! Mane?! What am I?!

Adrian trotted over to the river and broke a hole in the ice with his front hooves. He almost collapsed as he saw his reflection. He was a horse. And then something sparkly caught his attention. Examining his reflection closer, he amended his first theory. He was not a horse. He had the body of a horse, but the legs of a stag, a lion's tail, and a very flashy horn coming straight out of his forehead. He was a unicorn.

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