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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Trip To The Levee

A stork lifted off the water, canting gracefully through the trees. Its snow white feathers flashed through the dead brown trees like a beacon. On the other side of the river another stork called to it and they met in the middle, diving toward the water and then lifting back into the sky, side by side.

The duck shook its head and then dipped its neck back down into the water in search of lunch.

Ripples in the water flowed with the cool breeze, while underneath the river flowed the opposite way with deceptive strength.

Across the river a hawk landed on one of the trees. Her wings stretched out to enjoy the breeze as she balanced precariously on the edge of a branch. She called out for her mate, and the sound echoed across the river, but he did not come. She called again and then took off, circling the trees and eyeing the water.

I took a walk over to the levee today. I figured it would be good to get the fresh air, and since I only live a block away, I took my journal. My real hope was that it would help inspire me, get the creative juices flowing. It calmed me more than anything, but I was also able to relax enough to write a few pages today, so I am happy.

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