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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dirtiest Word In Writing

Yes, indeed, the word I hoped never to utter: Hiatus.

But, as life intrudes upon the world of my writing I am forced to admit there is really no time to write. My roommate announced to me yesterday that she is moving out in 30 which time I will have no way to afford the apartment by myself. As for the roommate, it is an easy 'good riddance' for me. As someone who can finish a 12-pack single handedly more easily than she may read the back of a book, you may imagine how much I have enjoyed her company.

Unfortunately, this puts me in a tight predicament. I must either find a new roommate (scary, daunting task) or fine a more affordable home (also daunting if not quite so scary).

The next few weeks shall be full of query calls, tightly crunched numbers, and a whole lot of stress until I have something nailed down securely. The stress itself keeps my levels of concentration at an uneasy low.

My sincere, grievous apologies to all those awaiting more writing from me. If you wish to shoot me I only ask that you make it fast and fatal.

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