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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

39 Reasons

Yestereve whilst at work I let vent to my annoyances by compiling a list. It amuses me to share that list with you now.

39 Reasons
To Be A Hermit

1. People Suck.
2. Rob is not coming back.
3. Quiet.
4. No interruptions when writing.
5. Plenty of long walks.
6. Go to sleep when I want.
7. Wake up when I want.
8. No roommate..
9. Have as many cats as I want.
10. Raise bunnies.
11. No job necessary.
12. Stop being reminded of exes.
13. Read books as often and as long as I want.
15. Get dressed when and how I please.
16. Talk to myself without getting weird looks.
17. No human interaction.
18. Be as sarcastic as I want.
19. Be whomever I want.
20. Act as bichy as I want.
21. Sing loudly.
22. Dance crazy.
23. Go barefoot.
24. Never straighten my hair.
25. No stupid people.
26. Adopt-A-Panther
27. Have a pack of dogs.
28. No longer feign interest.
29. Sleep in the woods, or on the beach.
30. Pretend I am happier alone.
31. Train Pangur to kill.
32. Shooting practice once a day.
33. Hire a Robin-like servant to do my bidding.
34. People suck so bad it hurts behind my eyes..
35. No more people ignorant of their own ignorance.
36. No more meaningless conversations.
37. No more hiding what I think.
38. Start a witch rumor, and follow up on it.
39. People REALLY SUCK.
Postscript: Yes, this was written on a napkin.

Post-Postscript: Yes, the number 39 is a random number I came up with for no very good reason.

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