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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Extra Special Birthday Surprise: ESBS

It's that time of year again! The ESBS is here, because it is what?

November 9th! (Best day of the year in my extremely biased opinion)

So, first things first:

1. Giveaway of Only The Stars Know by Ryan, from RyanReadsBooks on YouTube. This will be a US Only Giveaway. I believe it will be opening tomorrow, and I'll post again to make sure you have all appropriate links and videos available. Giveaway Includes: Signed & Personalized copy of Only The Stars Know: The Immortal World Book 1, Signed Submerged In Darkness bookmark, and two extra signed business cards for Only The Stars Know.


2. Scene release from Shadows On The Wall: The Immortal World Book 2!!! That will be posted right here, in just a few moments!

3. Book Orders can now be made directly through me, via email & Paypal. EMAIL ME HERE if you would like to take advantage of this! Be sure to include "Book Order" in the subject line, and your name, how many books, personalization wanted, and mailing address. In return I will send you my PayPal information. The books should end up costing about $8 plus shipping & handling! (Probably $11 total, for continental US)

4. Pre-Release copies of Shadows On The Wall: The Immortal World Book 2 can now be requested by reviewers! Please EMAIL ME HERE if you are interested. Make sure you put "SOTW Pre-Release" in the subject line, include your name, review forum links and any personalization you might like for the book.

There now, aren't you happy I'm alive?

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