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Thursday, September 22, 2011

SID Scary Bookcover?

I brought the paperback of Only The Stars Know along with me to show some people today. They loved it, of course. Whilst fawning over the beauty that is Zane they commented that they liked it so much better than the cover of Submerged In Darkness. I was struck by these comments, and not entirely pleased.

The cover of Submerged In Darkness, which features a hybrid between Alexandra and Elizabeth is one of my great prides. McKenzie captured perfectly the face which had haunted the pages of my mind. She was, to me, realistic, beautiful, striking, mysterious, intriguing and conversation worthy.

What these two people I showed the book to told me was, "the first book looked scary!"

...What? No, seriously, what?

Disclaimer: I brought the book to show out of pride and happiness, not respect for these people's opinions.

Disclaimer 2: These people do not really read this genre and are older, therefore disqualifying my respect in their opinions.

Still, I was stunned. Alex, scary? No way. She's just 'Lex, good ole shop girl in a small town who happens to be carrying the very soul of a faerie princess. Whatev.

Well, I decided to share this rant disguised as an anecdote in case anyone else though the SID cover was scary too. Perhaps I can put your fears to rest by a simple explanation.

The person on the cover of Submerged In Darkness is a human, carrying a faerie within her. Naturally that would show through her eyes the most. Also, being that the title refers to be thrown into the Immortal World, it would need to be dark.

I think that Only The Stars Know manages to convey hope, while Submerged In Darkness is closer to despair.

Maybe that's the real difference.

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