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Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Update In So Many Ways

You may have noticed that I have updated the look/feel of this blog with a slightly variation in the color scheme. I also added more tabs to the top of the page, which link to my other important profiles. I advise you to use them immediately, and often.

In addition to these changes, I have added a word count widget for Shadows On The Wall, just to the right. I am basing my total goal on count that Only The Stars Know came in at (That was like 6800 or some such nonsense, I rounded up). As you can see, I have written 11,307 words as of this afternoon.

I am currently under book arrest by Cameo, and I am not allowed to buy or read any books until we have reached 20,000 words. Yep, big trouble for me.

As for the VideoBook, I have recorded chapters 2 & 3. Chapter 2 is scheduled to go live at 10am PST on Monday (the 1st).

I am also hoping to do a special Vlog next week for Banned Books Week. I recently found out a book I very much enjoyed was the 3rd most banned book in 2011. I am shocked, naturally.

The giveaway for Only The Stars Know is still going over on Lindsay Mead's blog, you can click the banner at the top of the page to be scooted on over there. I suggest you enter! Many many times! The book will be signed and personalized for you, by yours truly--so hop to!

Wells, I'm all tuckered out for tonight. Happy reading all!

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