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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kiss Me Pt II

This is the second part of the scrap inspired by Sixpence None the Richer's song Kiss Me. It gives you an even better of where the story is going...

As usual, if you enjoy, let me know!

Kiss Me Pt II

My mouth fell open of it's own accord. What was an Earl doing in the house of a mere Baron?!
The ‘Earl’ smiled at me, "It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Lalten."
I closed my mouth finally, saying by memory, "The pleasure is all mine monseiur."
Papa was smiling like he knew something wonderful, when in fact I was about to find out it was rather terrible.
Mama gave me a reassuring smile, "Samantha, the Earl has expressed an interest in marrying you."
"And we think it would be wonderful. It has been arranged." Papa finished.
My whole world came crashing down. Once again my mouth was left gaping. My eyes darted between the three people in the room. My papa's triumphant grin, mama's steady smile, the Earl’s smirk as he eyed me. Marriage? Arranged? An arranged marriage?! I couldn't handle the pressure of their expectant expressions. I stood and ran out of the room. I ran threw the halls of our manor. I ran up the stairs. I ran to my room. Flinging myself upon my bed, I felt my eyes stinging. I wasn't crying yet. My head felt confused and my temples pounded terribly. I had a horrible feeling in my stomach and I was suddenly very dizzy.
Marriage?! How could this be?! Marriage?! I was only 16! An earl?! Marriage to a earl at the age of 16?! How could this be happening to me?! Marriage?! To a earl?! I was hyperventilating and dry sobs were taking away my breath. I was trembling terribly and I felt a cold sweat steal over me.
I heard the door open, but I couldn't turn to see who it was. A hand touched my arm and it was like an electric shock through my body.
"Dear Lord," I heard my mama's voice, "She's gone into shock! Diana, go get some warm water and blankets! And tell Sally to bring some luke warm water! Now!"
Mama turned me over and when I saw her worried face I finally started crying. I couldn't speak through the tears and pain I felt. I just crumpled up my face and closed my eyes so I didn't have to look at her. Mama wrapped her arms around me in a warm hug and rocked me back and forth.
"Shhh, ma fille...We shouldn't have told you like that." She kissed the top of my head, "Hush now, it will be okay. The Earl is very rich and handsome, he will provide you a good home. You will have more than you could ever gain here. This is a better marriage for you than your Papa and I ever imagined for you."
"Mama, I can't!!" I finally managed to wail while clutching onto her shoulders and sobbing.
"You can, and you will, Samantha."
The maids came back then and I was made to drink a terrible tea. A warm, damp cloth was laid on my head, and lastly, I was covered with many blankets and told to sleep. For hours after they left I lay awake. I couldn't think very well, I just kept crying and pleading with God...I couldn't marry the Earl. I could never marry him, not when I was in love with Teddy. Not when Teddy was so dear to me. I couldn't! I just couldn't!
"I can't..." I whispered in a moan before finally falling asleep.

The next morning I didn't wake up until late. It was nearly two hours later than I should have lain in bed. Mama was in the room with me and a maid, Diana, immediately popped up to offer me a warm soup. I shook my head at it, I couldn't eat. I couldn't swallow anything. I looked at my Mama with all the pleading that filled my soul. She looked worried, her own gray eyes filled with regret.
"Mama?" I said.
"Yes dear?"
I bit my lip, with hope, "You don't want this match either?"
She looked away, "It is more than I ever dreamed for you."
"Mama, please answer my question..."
"The match is wonderful. Now, no more questions. I must go and take care of a few things." She left the room, her skirts swishing gracefully.
I felt my bottom lip tremble. Diana was still in the room. She had been my nursemaid when I was little, and my friend since I had become a young lady. I told her everything important to me, and she always listened. She was the only one on the manor that knew about Teddy and I. I turned to her, with tears on my cheeks, and broke down.
"Oh, poor dear!" She hugged me close, "There, there Sam, you'll be okay. It'll be alright. You'll see."
"But-but-Teddy!" I sobbed into her shoulder.
She stroked my hair, "Teddy is the son of a duke, and you are the daughter of a mere baron. You knew this day would come Samantha. Your little romance must end, for now you must do your part for the family by marrying. The Earl is a very good match love, more than your family ever expected."
"If I can marry a earl, why can't I marry an duke?!"
"Teddy must marry to a higher title Sam, you know that. He must marry a duchess or countess."
"I don't want him to marry anyone else Di!" I cried.
Diana sighed, "Well, he must. That is how Society is. You must deal with it and live on. Your family is depending on you, as the eldest, to make the best match. Therefore, you will."
"I wish our families were dirt poor! Then no one would care who we married!" I wiped my face, "I must go to him."
"No Sam, you can't." She shook her head, "You are engaged now. You cannot go gallivanting with boys now. You mustn’t see him again, it will only cause you both more pain."
"I must tell him Di! If he doesn't know he will think I don't care for him!"
"Perhaps it is better that way. Young people are rash, if he knows how much you care then he will do something stupid. You must stay here Samantha."
I sniffed, "At least let me tell him goodbye. I can tell him then that I cared, but, but," tears welled up in my eyes, "that now I am grown up. And-and, I must move on."
Diana took a deep breath, staring hard at me. I know she saw my sincerity when she nodded, "Do not be long Sam, your mother will want to start plans and such."
I threw my arms around her neck, "Thank you Diana! Thank you so much!"
After changing into some more sturdy clothes I fled the mansion and ran towards the woods.
When I reached our meeting spot Teddy wasn't there. I sat down on a large rock, shifting nervously. I kept going over my words, figuring out what to say, what he would believe. When he appeared, walking amongst the trees, I wanted to run to him as I usually would, but I held myself back. I chewed my lip tensely and kept my eyes on the ground.
I felt his arms go around my waist as he came up behind me. His head rested on my shoulder and he kissed my cheek. I wanted to lean into him and soak up the warmth his touch promised, but I remained stiff.
"Sam? What's wrong?" He came to kneel in front of me, capturing my hands before I could move them. He stared up into my eyes and I felt my heart breaking into pieces one chunk at a time,
"Have you been crying?! Sam, what's going on?!" He scooped me up into his arms and, for a minute, I felt whole.
I pushed him away gently, trying not to look up into his wonderful eyes, "I came to say goodbye Teddy."
"Goodbye?" he echoed hollowly.
"Yes, we can no longer be as we have been. It was fine for a while, but-but now I am much older. I must go home now-"
He grabbed my arms and forced me to look at me. I could see the depth of his hurt and confusion, "What are you talking about, Sam?! What's going on?!"
"I am sorry Teddy," I said steadily, "But we must stop seeing each other."
His mouth fell open, "Wha-Why?!"
"We must grow up and move on."
"Is this about that countess?! Sam, I told you! I'm not going to consent to marry anyone but you-"
"It's not about that Teddy!" I said forcefully. I struggled to get out of his grip, but it was futile, "This must stop! Let me go!"
"Sam, we love each other! Do you have any idea how little that happens anymore?! I can't just let that go-"
"You must!"
He let go of me suddenly, "Who told you to do this? Was it your father? Did he find out and-"
"Oh, just go away Teddy!" I yelled and ran off. I expected him to run after me, but I didn't hear his footsteps.
When I got back to our manor I locked myself in my room and wouldn't let anyone in, not even Diana. I stayed there for hours, ignoring anyone who pleaded at my door. Finally, my papa took his own key and unlocked the door. I was at my window seat, staring out into the forest and losing myself in the stars. He closed the door behind him and walked quietly to the window seat.
Despite being separated from him for the first eight years of my life, I was very close to my papa. My mama and I had lived in France until the Revolution. I was never told why we were there without papa, but I knew something terrible had put us there. Both of my parents were English, but being raised in France I had learned to speak French and had acquired the accent. When the Revolution came we fled to England and became established in my papa's house. Papa was a good man and had been the best father a girl could have since I had met him.
Now, he sat down on the window seat next to me, "Sammy," He was the only one I permitted to call me that, "Please talk to me Sammy."
I didn't look at him, but stared harder out the window, "I don't want to marry him."
"Why not? He is handsome, rich, titled and seems very kind."
"I do not love him."
"Sammy, love does not come around very often. Many learn to love after they are married."
I bit my lip, debating if I should tell him, "Papa? If I tell you something, will you promise not to be angry with me?"
"Of course dear."
"I'm in love with someone else." I looked at him finally, "Please don't be angry! I met him years ago, and at first we were just play mates...but, I-"
"Oh Samantha," My father rubbed a hand over his face, "You fell in love with a farmer, didn't you?"
I shook my head, "Worse Papa, the future Duke of Kingsmore."
I realize that Sam's reaction may have seemed overly dramatic, but keep in mind that she is only 16...I can remember freaking out that badly over even lesser things at that age.
As always, let me know what you think!

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